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Welcome to Santa’s Cause, Inc


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Founded in 2005 by Robin Donarumo of Sanford, Maine, Santa’s Cause, Inc. strives to make a difference in our community during the stressful holiday season. What started as a simple desire to make sure needy children in Maine's Foster Care System had at least one gift to open on Christmas morning, has grown to the distribution of 367 (2010) toys and gifts in a 6-week time period.

Santa’s Cause, Inc. provides age appropriate gifts, and holiday support to an ever increasing number of needy families in our York County Maine communities. Requests come in from our pre-approved third-party referring individuals - counselors, teachers, social workers, child protective services, etc. Thanks to the support of our community and volunteers, we have never left a request for help unanswered.

Imagine being the parent that has to tell your child that Santa isn't coming to their house this year! Can you picture your child’s wishful face peering through the window on Christmas morning in a desperate hope that maybe, just maybe, Santa is only running late. These are the visions that motivate us each year to be there to help these families during the stressful holiday season.

To provide help to those in need, we reach out to businesses and private citizens in York County Maine for donations of toys, clothing and monetary contributions.

We take pride in the fact that EVERY dollar donated to Santa's Cause, Inc. goes towards the cause. (Unless otherwise stated i.e. The monies raised by our Annual Motorcycle Run benefit our "ASPIRE TO CLIMB HIGHER AWARD" The York County Youth Initiative, a division of Santa's Cause, Inc.) Otherwise all monetary donations are used to purchase clothing and toys for our children. Our teens often ask for gift cards and due to the generosity of our community we have been able to fulfill their wishes as well!

Our challenge is that because we are a "last resort" organization, we seldom know in advance to what extent our help will be needed. Most years we are making deliveries until late on Christmas Eve.

Aspire To Climb Higher - The York County Youth Initiative, a division Of Santa's Cause, Inc.

"Santa’s Cause, Inc. is so much more than providing toys to children at Christmas, although it did start out that way. It warms my heart to think that a child is smiling on Christmas morning because of our efforts and your support."

Robin Donarumo (The founder of Santa's Cause, Inc.) has always desired to do so much more for families in need. Many of the children that benefit from our efforts are in families who are considered to be “the working poor.” Personally, I do not like the word “poor.” It doesn’t truly represent those struggling to make enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. These people are loving, caring parents, just like us. They want so badly to do more for their children, to provide them with opportunities to participate in sports or youth programs, to let them show their talents in martial arts, band or other school activities.

Unfortunately these programs cost money that some families simply cannot afford. Having to choose between providing your children the opportunity to participate in these programs, or buying groceries and paying utilities is a heartbreaking reality for these parents.

Our children hold so much promise! It is up to all of us to nurture their wonderful gifts. It is our goal to help families afford the costs of programs which will help our children gain the feeling of self worth that they so deserve!

For the past three years, The York County Youth Initiative, a division Of Santa's Cause, Inc. has been able to present The "Aspire To Climb Higher" Award to a student in York County with a strong desire to achieve personal aspirations and goals. Along with the award is a monetary donation to be used to help fulfill their dreams.

Children learn best through experience, how fortunate we are to have fulfilled a dream! "Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities"...Sugar Ray Leonard.

We believe that people are solutions. In every community, people hold the ideas and inspiration for change, and we believe in them as we believe in ourselves.

What are the aims of the "Aspire To Climb Higher" Award?"

  • Develop self awareness and insight
  • Learn how to experience positive social interactions and relationships
  • Fostering insight in to the importance of rewarding experiences
  • Exploring solutions to challenging situations in our lives
  • Fostering friendships

This is a new program, and we are working on growing it so that we are able to help more children and teens achieve their personal aspirations and goals.

With the support of our communities we hope to help more and more children in York County realize their dreams.

As volunteers, we assist underprivileged and struggling families. We do not pay for rent, utilities, or help, and no individual or organization is compensated for their services.



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